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Dear Member,

There are 4 weeks left to take advantage of our Special Open Enrollment for the Local 103 Life and Disability Insurance Plan.

Special Enrollment FAQ:

  • No medical tests, questions or underwriting to enroll; Members cannot be denied when enrolling by 9/21/2020.
  • COVID-19 is a covered illness on our plan.
  • Benefits are paid tax free, directly to the Member or beneficiary.
  • Premiums are collected via secure ACH and you can reduce or cancel coverages any time.
  • Benefits pay in addition to other benefits to give you better financial protection.

The Health Benefits Fund does not provide any disability benefits, which stresses the importance of getting protected!  This is a voluntary plan, so you must take action to enroll and be protected!  Enroll by 9/21/2020 for coverage effective 10/1/2020. 

How to Enroll (spouses can enroll on behalf of a Member):

Louis J. Antonellis
Business Manager/Financial Secretary