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Currently our Members’ paychecks are not protected if they’re unable to work due to a disabling sickness or injury; our Health Benefits Fund DOES NOT offer any benefits for these circumstances. Without these new Paycheck Protection Benefits, Members would potentially have ‘zero income’ if they suffer a disabling sickness or injury. We’re trying to help our Members potentially avoid a financially devastating event if the unexpected happens and there is no income for you or your loved ones.


These NEW Paycheck Protection Benefits will help replace your paycheck when you’re unable to work due to illnesses, injuries or death. We’ve made a few options available, so Members can choose the plan options that best address the needs for themselves and their loved ones. Our active Members are guaranteed approved; there are no medical tests, questions or underwriting to enroll and we cannot be denied coverage! We encourage our Members to consider the options we’ve made available to you and your families at affordable group rates.

Why Short-Term Disability (STD)

Close to 90% of disabling accidents and illnesses in America are not work related and therefore not covered by workers’ compensation. It’s understandable why your weekend activities, household tasks, workouts, commuting/driving, traveling, and hobbies & interests, dominate why Americans become disabled and unable to work. When you also factor in debilitating illnesses preventing Americans from working, such as Cancer, Heart Conditions, Stroke, Mental Health, Digestive Disorders, Substance Dependence and Organ Failure; it’s understandable that every 4 seconds someone is injured in some kind of accident and Americans between 25-55 years old, have a 50% chance of being disabled for at least 3 months before the age of 65. Anyone who’s experienced a tragic ‘health’ event or knows someone who has, understands how emotionally difficult as well as financially challenging these situations can be for everyone involved.

By enrolling in our new STD coverage, you can receive weekly benefit payments of either $250 or $500 for up to 24 weeks per occurrence, tax free. These weekly benefits begin after a 15 day waiting period for a sickness or injury occurring off the job. This STD benefit stacks on top of other benefits to pay you up to 100% of your weekly pre disability earnings. The new STD benefit also compliments the PFML benefit, scheduled to begin in 2021. *PFML could pay a weekly benefit for 20 weeks, but would leave most Local 103 Members with at least a 50% shortfall of their weekly take-home pay. The new STD benefits helps to reduce any paycheck shortfalls and allow you to continue getting paid if you’re unable to work.

Why Long-Term Disability (LTD)

There are no financial benefits available to Members on a long-term basis through our Health Benefits fund or the state of Massachusetts. By enrolling in our new LTD coverage, you could begin receiving either $2,000 a month for up to 5 years or 60% of your total compensation (up to $5,000) a month for up to 10 years, for illnesses or injuries occurring on or off the job. This LTD benefit begins paying after a 180 day waiting period (after Short-Term Disability ends) and is paid tax free. LTD is 24/7 on and off the job coverage.

*Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) can also be an option if you become disabled long term, however 70% of claims are initially denied and the backlog of appeals cases was more than one million in 2017, with processing time averaging more than 18 months. In 2019, the average SSDI monthly benefit paid was $1,234; below the poverty guideline for a two-person household.

Why Life Insurance with Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

Most of us are underinsured for Life Insurance benefits that provide for our loved ones if something happens to us. Experts recommend at least 5 to 10 times your annual earnings in Life Insurance per household. Following a death, we’ve seen too many families suffer both emotionally and financially. We encourage our Members to think about the future by making sure your loved have been provided for in the event of an unexpected death.

Members can purchase up to $250,000 of term Life insurance (in $10K increments). This Life insurance can be ported and converted. AD&D means, if a Member has had a ‘dismemberment occurrence’ there would be a benefit paid. If the Member dies as the result of an accident, the benefit amount of their Life Insurance would double and be paid to their beneficiaries in a lump sum, tax free payment. 24/7 coverage on and off the job. Pre-existing conditions are covered on day 1 when your coverage goes into force.

  • $50,000 of Life Insurance can be purchased for your spouse (in $5K increments) & $10,000 for your kids, when the Member enrolls.