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Local 103 Disability

Local 103 Disability

Local 103 Disability

Local 103 Disability

Local 103 Disability

Local 103 Disability

Local 103 Disability

Local 103 Disability

Local 103 Disability

Over $525K has been paid/reserved to Members in Disability & Life Insurance claims!


Continue getting paid if you’re unable to work due to illness, injury, or death!

Plan Information Overview

  • Short-Term Disability (STD) pays for up to 24 weeks
  • Long-Term Disability (LTD) pays for up to 10 years
  • Life Insurance w/ AD&D for Member, Spouse, and/or Child(ren)


No medical tests, questions, or underwriting to enroll; no active working member of the IBEW Local 103 can be denied coverage!

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Disability FAQ

It is important to understand that these Life and Disability benefits DO cover COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in the event that you contract the virus and cannot work (to include being quarantined after being diagnosed with COVID-19) or pass away as a result of the virus.

The below list provides the main parameters a member’s claim must meet in order to be eligible to file a claim for the Coronavirus. However, there may be other factors that would impact a Coronavirus claim.

  • Only cases of the Coronavirus that are medically diagnosed and documented by a medical professional would constitute as eligible for benefits
  • Members who are quarantined due to testing positive for Coronavirus would be eligible for benefits
  • Members who are quarantined as a preventative measure and do not have an official Coronavirus diagnosis by a medical professional would not be eligible for benefits, including, but not limited to;
    – Jobsite shutdowns for preventative measures
    – Furloughs, layoffs, etc.
    – Care for a loved one who has been diagnosed or exposed
  • The normal waiting period still applies, so the member needs to be held out of work by a medical professional for longer than their waiting period in order to be eligible

Members WOULD NOT have an eligible Coronavirus claim if:

  • The member enrolls, has coverage on the effective date, but has already been medically diagnosed with case of Coronavirus or has seen their doctor for signs/symptoms of the Coronavirus prior to the 10/1/2020 plan effective date
  • The member’s coverage was not effective and in force prior to seeing a medical professional or being diagnosed

Please call us at (224) 770−5305 for more information.

Time Left to Enroll








Enrollment Ends 5/20/2022
Coverage Begins 6/1/2022

IBEW Local 103 Claimant Testimonials

My dealings with Cornerstone were excellent! I really want to thank Kassandra Figueroa for going above and beyond my expectations in sorting out all issues and making my claim process an easy one!

—Michael M.

My claim was due to an injury that caused me to be out of work for months. Felisha Jones took charge of my account. She communicated every time there was a change or a question. Felisha provided excellent customer service. It was nice to have such an advocate in my corner, during a time of need, especially with all that has been going on with this world lately. Highly recommend this company, and will advise my fellow union members to please protect themselves, and sign up immediately.

I thank you so much, Felisha

—Victor S.

Did the customer service at Cornerstone meet your expectations?
Better than I expected

If you had any issues with your claim, did a claims representative at Cornerstone resolve them quickly?
Quicker than I expected

How difficult did you find it to submit your claim?
Easier than I expected

Did the Claims Representative at Cornerstone inform you of what to expect during the claims process?
Provided ALL the information needed

Was the Claims Representative accurate about what to expect during the claims process?
Yes they were accurate

How was your overall claim experience?
Better than I expected

How important were these benefits to helping you maintain financial stability?
Crucially important

—Alexander G.